SERVICE CHARGE: $90.00 This charge covers the cost of bringing a fully trained technician and his mobile service shop to your home. It also includes diagnosing your appliance and giving you an estimate on the cost of repair.

JOB RATE: Parts and labor rates are not based on the time a technician spends in the home but based on a job rate. Operating a service organization involves a tremendous amount of costs that are unseen by the customer yet are vitally necessary to perform prompt and efficient service. Examples of these costs are technician training, costly test equipment, office personnel, rent, parts inventory, and many others. You are not just hiring a technician, but an entire company resulting in the best, most efficient service in the industry.

PAYMENT: We accept all major credit/debit cards, (Master Card, Visa, AMEX, Discover), checks and cash. We appreciate payment at time of service.